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BuddyStream 1.02.1 BETA Topic Forum

  • Pisanojm


    I am extremely pleased to announce the 1.02.1 BETA Version of the BuddyStream Plugin for BuddyPress. @Blackphantom worked extremely hard to find the issue of the ZEND Session Errors that some of you were experiencing yesterday.
    In addition a couple of issues with the Lat.Fm import are fixed with this super minor release.

    This will be the forum to discuss the BuddyStream Plugin version 1.02.1… Also please use the ticketing system at if you have locked down an issue that can’t be resolved.

    Again, we are actively seeking and humbling asking for donations for the kickstart of this project. If you are finding this plugin useful and/or WILL find this plugin useful, please support it and all of the users that are using it by making a donation, of any size, at

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  • thekmen


    Since updating to 1.02.1 my Twitter auth keeps getting reset & needs to be reauthorised after about an hour.




    Two things about 1.0.2 (not BETA )
    1) i sended you a pot file wich was not in the update. It is very hard to translate without this. And i found again some old “facetream_lang” and other same stuff.I had yet corrected and sended to you…
    2) I don’t like that you added google adsense and paypal button in the admin. This is a work place, not a place for such things.
    Meanwhile, here is a new french version, with all templates corrected and translated. (po/mo/pot) and retrieved publicity. right col.


    still having hte same facebook issues I had with the last 2 versions: nothing from facebook gets imported. no filters active. reported the bug in your ticketing system.



    Is it possible to include a URL shortener?



    Does not work =(, PHP 5.2.5, curl, json enabled. Twitter button does not shown, zend error:

    `Fatal error: Call to undefined method Zend_Uri_Http::fromstring() in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/buddystream/Zend/Oauth/Signature/SignatureAbstract.php on line 98`


    Facebook after auth drops back to link `` and this is a blank page.



    HI guys… just letting you know that we are working on another release and should have something out mid to late next week… I will post this weekend to let you know the progress and what is/has been addressed.

    I know already that Peter has fixed the double posting on and stabilized the importing… He is looking into the new Zend issues as well…

    At this point we are not looking to add any type of enhancements to the plugin, but rather stabilize and minimize trouble with the basic premise of the plugin. Once we get this fixed and stable, we will begin to look at enhancements and future inclusions.

    great thanx for the update, its really important to keep us users in the know. :-)



    Just checking. Has ANYONE gotten facebook to work? I’ve created a new ap ID after latest update, as suggested somewhere else. I don’t experience any errors like other people. Everything else works great. Just facebook updates never import. Is there maybe a problem with attempting to import with the same FB account that is connected to the FB app specially created for buddystream? Also, as a check, I looked my app permissions in FB an all seemed fine there.



    @roberte It is working on some installations… hang back for about a week when the next fix release will be out…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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