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Buddystream Conflict: Needs to call custom filter before sending

  • gregfielding


    I am using Buddypress Activity Plus and there is a conflict that probably should be fixed in Buddystream.

    Here’s a link to how the garbled code looks on Twitter:

    When I add a link, video, image, etc., using BP Activity Plus, and THEN share with Twitter, the links are broken because Buddystream doesn’t process the shortcodes. This could certainly be a conflict with other plugins down the road as well.

    Here’s a link to the dev premium forum for those with access:

    And, here’s the response from the developer:

    What David said is exactly what’s happening. When the activity post is about to be saved, Buddystream intercepts it and posts it to Twitter as it is, without any processing, so the shortcodes from the Activity Plus plugin remain unprocessed. This behavior would affect any other shortcode in the post too, so it’s more of a Buddystream issue, IMHO.
    Unfortunately, Buddystream doesn’t call any (custom) filter on the content prior to sending it out, so I’m still not sure how to tackle this issue on the Activity Plus side. Solving it within Buddystream would be easy, it could either clear any and all shortcodes from the post prior to sending it or, better yet, apply a filter to it just before it sends it out, so plugins can register for that and clean up after themselves. However, from the outside, I still haven’t figured out a way to do it right.
    As an immediate workaround, you may want to avoid using both “to Twitter” Buddystream option and Activity Plus. Once the activity post is posted, sharing it on Twitter with Buddystream will work properly.”


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  • Pisanojm


    Greg… we are looking at fully supporting this plugin in the future…. I cannot give you a timeline on the support for this exact integration, but it IS on our radar and something that we have discussed for future revisions.

    I had an issue where buddypress activity plus literally did not show up on pages when I had Buddystream activated… there are some major conflict issues with the 2 plugins.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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