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BuddyStream Goliath 2.0 Launched!

  • Peter Hofman


    HI there all!
    After a long time it is finally ready BuddyStream Goliath!
    We also decided to launch the Premium version today, so go to for more info or to download the complete new version. Have fun!

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  • Looks good. I would like to see more specific support for facebook events. I am considering paying for it but im going to explore it more first. It would also be good if in the future it was integrated with facebook connect and users could be given the option to sync on registration to the site. This is an awesome plugin and congratulations. Im sure many people will get great use out of this.

    @blackphantom – Been unable to get it working just yet, I’ve posted a couple of support tickets on your site. I have a fully compliant config (according to the stipulations on your site) but had a temporary ‘white screen’ when initially activating for the Network, also experienced

    – problems with setting up Twitter from the user settings page (there was no link displayed in which to authorise on Twitter).

    – The Cronjob settings page has a bug – it’s blank and causes my admin header and sidebar to be corrupted.

    – On the admin setup page for Twitter (in Site Admin), there’s a rogue tag (`> class=”odd”>`) that’s being shown at the top of the form container – `

    `, which looks like a syntax error in the PHP code.

    So, thus far I haven’t been able to prove any integration between BP and the social APIs.

    Hopefully these are simple enough issues to fix – the white screen/blank screen imply a PHP error.

    Peter Hofman


    Quick update coming soon, will fix the cronjob settings page and the twitter php errors.

    Thanks Peter.

    Hey Peter, I discovered another bug. There’s a conflict with the eEmbed plugin. Adding a video link in the activity update triggers the ajax uploader okay, but the embedded video does not show in the `activity-content > activity-inner` container. Deactivating Buddystream instantly enables the video to appear in the stream, so it’s a minor conflict and one I’m sure you can patch quite easily.

    Peter, I have updated to v2.01 (thanks for the fixes) and the Twitter bugs have now been fixed, but the ‘Cronjob Settings’ are still inaccessible (blank screen). Likewise the jQuery conflict with oEmbed is still present.

    Still not usable yet, but none of the problems are major ones.



    With regard to oembed, I’ve experienced some issues with the .6BETA version of oembed, but things work well with the .52 version.

    @r-a-y is/has included oembed as part of the 1.3 build, so hopefully we can resolve all of these issues before/or at the time of the 1.3 launch… go back to the earlier version of oembed and see what happens…



    hi @pisanojm ,

    this rollback of oembed means loosing of resizing functionality (at least for unexperienced users), which is quite important. If I remember correctly, wmode too.

    could you please explain to usualest user connection between buddystream and cronjob, do I understand correctly, that at the moment without cronjob for 20EUR/y I am unable to use free version (to check it on localhost too, as “post to twitter” is displayed, but do nothing)?

    could you answer on my question here too:

    thank you!

    Edit: no need to answer re free version. started to translate and now I see that all descriptions from buddystream backend are displayed using en_US translate, what means that all the users, who use non english backend, simply do not see them :)

    @pisanojm yes reverting back to version 0.52 of eEmbed does indeed allow it to work alongside BuddyPress, but I would rather have retained the additional functionality in 0.6Beta.

    I keep hearing that BuddyPress 1.3 is still months away, so I’d still be grateful if @blackphantom could provide a fix in the interim.

    Peter Hofman


    Like the name says 0.6Beta is a beta, only the 0.52 is in the wordpress repository.
    We cannot support alle beta plugins as they are in “Beta”.

    However i am going to see what is causing the problem in the 0.6Beta and see if i can provide a solid fix.

    Thanks Peter, I am aware that you can only really work with plugin releases – I was merely enquiring about 0.6Beta given that I understand it will be the version incorporated within BuddyPress 1.3 (although I have no idea if 0.6 is the final iteration of oEmbed as a stand-alone plugin).

    Has anyone managed to access the ‘cronjob settings’ in admin yet? It’s a broken page on my site (WP 3.1, BP 1.28, Buddystream 2.01) and even though I’ve set up the jobs within crontab, I’d like to understand whether it is necessary to configure the cronjob settings within the plugin as well.

    I have just reinstalled Buddystream 2.01 after a problem with one or more of our plugins left a bad redirect instruction in the database. As before, the plugin installs ok, but when I ‘network activate’ a white-screen results, which points towards some kind of PHP error. When I re-launch wp-admin and navigate to plugins it looks like Buddystream has installed okay, but I do worry whether it’s left a spanner in my DB due to it not fully completing the install.

    @blackphantom any thoughts on this? I’m installing the plugin on a plain vanilla config (WP 3.12, BP1.28) using default theme and with only a handful of other plugins already installed (none of which should conflict). It’s obviously a bug at the later end of the install, since for all intents and purposes it looks installed from the admin screens and works on the main site. I just get a little uneasy when I don’t receive confirmation of a successful install.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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