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Bugfixes for latest master copy

  • Hey, I’m new to Buddypress, but am using it currently on a client’s project. I noticed the duplication issues affecting the latest released version of your plugin. So I d/l a copy of the master version.

    Basically, there appears to be a bug, if you haven’t already caught and fixed it. Previously in the function ass_group_notification_forum_posts, you used a function call (ass_digest_record_activity) to submit data into the database, but now, after the latest changes, a singular bit of $bp variable data is set and a hook is used to pull this global variable later.

    To put it simply, I would imagine you’d want to either pass an “array” of data or call a function repeatedly.

    I went with the array option and here is the code:

    if ( $group_status == 'dig' || ( $is_topic && $group_status == 'sum' ) ) {
    I placed, (in my circumstance, duplication of array data was a non issue)
    $bp->ges->temp[] = array ('user_id' => $user_id, 'group_id' => $group->id, 'group_status' => $group_status);

    Then, under,
    if ( ! empty( $bp->ges->temp ) ) {
    I placed,

    $temps = $bp->ges->temp;
    foreach ( $temps as $temp ) {
    ass_digest_record_activity( $activity->id, $temp, $temp, $temp );

    Hope this helps.

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