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Bulk Activities

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    This is very a nice plugin. So far it’s handling very well with single messages here and there. What happens in high traffic situations and lots of activity updates happening at once, how does the plugin handle that? I would think that would be a good case to also have a ajax notifier to refresh the page if more than 1-2 messages are happening at once.

    Good job and thanks for this!

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  • The plugin retrieve all new entries and prepend them to the list. So it would also add more messages.

    Be careful, if you want use this plugin on high traffic websites. The javascript sends for each user every 10 seconds a request to the server. With ten users you have every second one request.
    On our test server we had to change the refresh rate to 60 seconds. On our new server we have tested the plugin with 10 seconds and it works fine (with ~ 10 users).

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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