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Bulk Group Acceptation?

  • enkerli


    Is there a way to accept invitations in bulk?

    Preparing for an academic year during which I’ll be using BP with my students. I’d like to have everything set up before student intervention. Students should just enter credentials and be able to use the site as-is.
    Decided to create student accounts through CSV upload. Apart from potential issues with usernames, I’m close to having things figured out.

    The main issue, at this point, is assigning students to courses (Courseware-enabled groups). Setting `notification_groups_invite` to `no`, I’m able to use IA to send “silent” invitations to students (not sending them emails). Now, I’d like to accept invitations for students. I can conceivably do this by logging in as each student and clicking the accept button. Shouldn’t take very long with 100 students, but it’d be nice to find another way to do it.


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  • enkerli


    (Guess I should have said “acceptance”. I’m a French-speaker…)

    By the way, I tried different things, including adding some `user_meta` fields to the uploadable CSV and even doing SQL queries on `wp_bp_groups_members`.
    Also, it seems to me that Boone would have implemented something like this if it had been possible to do.
    So maybe I’ll end accepting invitations individually. This kind of “impersonation” feels slightly weird, but it’s rather common with course management systems.
    Again, any thought you have on this could be useful.

    Boone Gorges


    It’s possible to do it by looping through and calling `groups_accept_invite()`. You could also use a plugin like, which lets you put users directly into a group (skipping the invitation process).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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