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Bulk Subscription

  • bingfoot



    We want to expand volunteer and teacher participation in our bbPress powered forum. We discovered that:

    1. Site members aren’t automatically subscribed
    2. The forum digest preferences are bundled on WP user preferences

    We want to:

    1. Automatically subscribe a defined list of emails as subscribers to a digest list
    2. Automatically configure the digest settings to daily
    3. Embed instructions in the digest email with (a) how to change or (b) unsubscribe from digest settings
    4. Hook into the plugin to surface the precise digest options for site members to change


    1. Are there hidden options to auto subscribe a list of emails?
    2. If no to #1, what are the bbPress plugin tables that allow a DB admin to bulk insert users into a table used by the plugin?
    3. What is the value in the table to represent daily digest for a subscribed user?
    4. How can we hook into the plugin and surface only the plugin options for digest preferences?

    FYI…our site is

    TEALS is a grassroots Program that helps high schools start offering computer science classes. TEALS helps train teams of software engineers as volunteers and places them into high schools to co-teach computer science alongside a teacher. Over time, the classroom teacher takes over instruction, leaving the school with a sustainable computer science program.

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