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Can I have MORE THAN ONE COURSE PER GROUP and a couple of other Qs?

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  • Stas Su?cov


    1) Every course has lectures, you can use those. A group should never have more than one course, this is done to remove noise and not over-complicate things.
    2) Thats a theme issue.
    3) Very like to be a theme issue again.

    Please, before reporting issues, test everything with the default theme.



    Thanks for the replies.

    Reply to (1): You might consider the benefits of allowing more than one course per group for the following reasons:
    A. Groups of people may belong to a community and want to take more than one course
    B. Unless the entire site it about one group of people – rather than a community of smaller groups within a community – who could want to organize several learning experiences for themselves (courses) … then the flatness of your structure disallows small groups who need and want to organize themselves around several centers of learning to do so.
    C. Courses; while a very useful construct should in our view be a general purpose vessel for learning and organizing information along a “course” paradigm. Therefore, If too rigid they run the risk of dictating how users can (or should) organize information which would obviate teacher and group ombudsmen creativity and render the tool limited – which I would hope is not your intent for a general purpose tool.

    Reply to (2): right, should have tested that with the base theme to see that.

    Reply to (3): I have tested that plugin with the base theme and it does not work with it, so it is perhaps not a theme issue. It may however be an issue with the plugin not supporting BP theme related requirements – am checking with the developer.

    Thanks again.



    I believe it makes sense to assume that one course or organized learning experience may need and want to be available to more than one group. This of course gives rise to the ideas of faculties – and colleges of thought and teaching – but even still in my view the strick university paradigm is too limited; afterall that is exactly what online learning has taught us… right.

    I love this plugin, and your work is very appreciated. I am excited about it very much – hope you can imagine even more possibilities for your tool.

    Stas Su?cov


    This aspect of having multiple courses was touched several times.
    The point of having groups separated, is that, adding users to different groups is easier than managing the content of a several topics in one group.
    And is all about KISS (keep it simple stupid).

    If you need more courses, just create new groups. If you want to separate that for universities, you can go with MultiSite.

    Regarding the plugin, if there’s an issue from our side, I will take a look.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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