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Can users show as members in BPress pre login?

  • mumsontop


    We have successfully imported 6500 active members from a Ning into Buddypress.

    They now show up as users with site and forum roles (subscribers and participants)

    We know that until each individual member logs in they will not show in the “Member Count”.
    We also know that until each person has logged in they won’t be visible to each other or on the Members’ Page.

    But…. our members have an active 8 year history of dialogue with each other. They are a picky bunch and are already a bit grumpy about moving. We’re worried about member retention as we switch platforms.

    Is there any way to “force” a false log in so that each member (that already confirmed their ning membership anyway) shows up as a “member”?

    Our ideal end result is that
    -to the individual user the buddy press experience is roughly the same as the old site and they aren’t confused by themselves and their friends not showing up as members.
    -for us the member count is somewhere more in the 6500 region rather than the current 9!!
    BP: 2.0
    WP: 3.9

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