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Can WordPress/BP folks (Automattic) provide BP web Hosting or Recommend a web host?

  • rickkumar


    I am looking for a BP host but that allows unlimited domains on one account. I just want to have a single account if we launch multiple sites instead of a separate hosting account for each domain?

    I was wondering if folks at WordPress/BuddyPress can either provide web hosting


    Recommend a web host.

    Given that BuddyPress sites will be heavy on storage and bandwidth usage, it will be great if they can work out deals for BP users with web hosts like:

    – (with backups)
    – WordPress VIP hosting
    – Rackspace cloud
    – ThePlanet cloud

    This way we will get solid secure hosting at great prices while WP/BP folks can raise some much needed funds.

    Just wondering, what do you guys think?


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  • Your still talking about a VPS / dedicated :) if you are serious about hosting clients and managing sites and domains then you have to have the control and resources that come with a VPS or semi dedicated – forget shared hosting you will never run busy sites of any description on shared hosting.

    Media Temple are a pretty good bunch , good support and infrastructure, forum and general help, look at their VPS offerings with Plesk panels to ease client/domain creation

    Roger Coathup


    @rickkumar – re: “I was wondering if folks at WordPress/BuddyPress can either provide web hosting”

    I think you may be confused to the nature of BuddyPress – it’s not a company with officials, structure, funds, etc. to set up / negotiate hosting contracts.

    BuddyPress is an open source software project, albeit one that is strictly controlled by a private company (Automattic) – they lay claim to the BuddyPress name, although I don’t know the legal veracity of that.

    If you want to propose they also move into buying bulk hosting, it might be more effective to suggest direct on Automattic’s forums. Alternatively, anyone is free to set up and retail their own BuddyPress hosting package.

    As @hnla suggests – you need VPS or better for a high use, reliable BuddyPress install. We have client sites on a mixture of solutions, some are ‘even’ running happily on shared hosting – hostnine is one company that we’ve used without problem.



    I am happy to pay but want worry free hosting. I am not looking for shared hosting but more like VPS/Cloud hosting. I am thinking if Automattic provides or recommends hosting, then at least it will be properly created for WP/WPMU/BP installs.

    The reason I suggested WordPress/BuddyPress was that I already know Automattic provides hosting but only to some very select sites/people not to everyone. I should have said “Automattic” not WP/BP….my mistake.

    Worry free hosting means a reputable host offering a full on managed system really.

    In reality there isn’t a great deal to do to a server to optimise it for WP/BP at least not with a server you have root access to that you can configure exactly as you need and that has a fast dual core CPU and a good amount of RAM

    If going the VPS route the things you need assurances on are the number of virtual machines running on the box a guaranteed allocation of it’s resources. preferably that doesn’t try and disguise stuff as ‘burstable’ or have you on a slow connection.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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