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Can’t find language file

  • nchiari


    Hi there. I have the same issue of a user here. I have WP and BP in Spanish, but Achievements are shown in english. I can’t find the way to use the translation file that comes with the plugin, so I’m thinking to do the translation on my own. I only need to know wich is the file that I have to edit and replace in order to apply the translation.


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  • I found this article explaining how to make the language file work for achievement plugin with a bp-custom.php file here :

    but it doesn’t work for me….does it work for anyone?



    achievements comes with a spanish_mexican mo file (es_MS)
    Go to languages folder and simply rename the file to es_ES or to what you actually have in your wp-config file under `define (‘WP_LANG’, ‘your language’);`
    Normally the plugin would now appear in the correct spanish version.

    Note that the updated pot file is at the root of the plugin.
    IMO, should be in includes/languages
    If you use poEdit as translator, you have to update the es_ES.po (aka es_MX.po) from this pot and register to concatenate to mo file.

    Somehow now it works for me…ignore the link I posted, there is no need of creating a bp-custom.php. Just put the your new language file (.po & .mo)in achievement’s language folder then it should work.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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