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Can’t give an award?

  • I created a hidden award event and would like to give it out to one person. Trouble is, when I click on Give, I don’t see any users! All I see is:

    Select people to give this Achievement to.

    Followed immediately by “Give Achievement”

    Nothing in between. Any idea how I can fix this? OR am I just confused and there’s a different way to award those badges?

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  • It’s probably a theme problem. Which theme are you using, and if you can test, does switching back to BP-Default resolve the issue?

    I’ll have to test that later. I’m using the Social Theme from WPMU-Dev.

    Any way to work around it you think?

    LoL, I did find a workaround, but would still love your help. I previewed the default them… and in the preview window, you have the ability to navigate around your site :) So without even switching themes, I was able to go to the Achievements nav bar and give the user the award. So mission accomplished there…

    BUT, would still like to get that fixed. Any idea how to tweak the theme?

    If you purchase me a copy of the Social theme from WPMU-Dev, I’ll take a look at it and help out. Otherwise, I don’t intend to buy it from WPMU-Dev at the moment. You could share the URL of your site and I can see if I can figure it out from over here?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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