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can’t see the “add to group” button

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  • Very strange.
    I can’t see any other reasons why it could be the same. Were all files uploaded?

    yes. everything is in place. i am testing this both locally and on a test server

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    Tekuan Coleman


    sorry to intrude hoping to get help from this post as well concerning my groups “creation” issues. I am unable to find a “create a group” button and if i use a BP default theme i have to search in the search box then the button appears.

    @tekuan-coleman this thread is a specific one concerning a particular plugin, really you shouldn’t hijack threads but now you raise the question whether it is indeed this plugin you are running and in fact the ‘add to group’ button you are missing or indeed the more general BP ‘create a group’ button, so there is now a certain confusion!

    Please respond to my last question in your thread which I posted a hour prior to you posting here! and also now confirm precisely what ‘button’ you are missing.

    @slaffik can you have a look here? and check what the problem is? thanks!

    any clues? is this actually working? i will stop asking if it isnt :)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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