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Categorise/tag members ala post tags/categories?

  • Hey all,

    First off BuddyPress and its community is amazing! And i thank all contributors for their hard work – i hope to one day return the favours so many of you have done for me!

    Im creating a site where the members are essentially a directory. Id love to be able to use a tag cloud or something similar to direct people to ‘categories’ of users. I was going to use groups as a means to do this, but cannot find a way to list the groups in a cloud. Before i run off create my own way, is there already a way to do this that someone knows of? Iv look at BuddyPress Group Tags – which basically creates groups of groups which is then put into a tag cloud, and iv looked at BuddyPress Contents – which hasnt worked since 1.2 [if nothing else exists id fork this plugin as a start and go from there].

    So in summary: a plugin / piece of code to add tags/categories to members OR a plugin to show groups as a tag cloud.

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  • So iv decided to just use groups for now and list them manually in an html widget – once this project is completed [on time i hope] ill come back and look at making the BuddyPress Contents plugin 1.5 compatible because it has a load of awesome features from the description. Any input is still very much welcomed, using groups is a temporary fix until i have more time.

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