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Centering Multiple Marker Maps

  • snowgurl11


    Love this plugin!! Having just one little issue (or two) — not that huge of a deal but it will bug me until I figure it out.

    I’m using shortcodes to display maps with all of the site users/members. It works wonderfully! But, I cannot get the map shortcode setting to override the default centerpoint lat/long. I read that it defaultly will center at the last value submitted — and I can see it’s doing that. I’ve been using the shortcode:

    gpress map_position=”46.6, -109.7?

    But, it will never change. Other shortcodes are being read and displayed — map_type, map-zoom. This one doesn’t register.

    One other weird thing … on the maps with multiple markers, the zoom/pan controls (the long draggy thing with the +/- ends) are kind of messed up. They faintly show up, kind of transparent, but they don’t really work. On a map with a single marker, like a single user profile, it works fine. I think this might be a new issue, or I just didn’t notice it before.

    Anyway, kind of trivial issues but wonder if there’s a solution to either. Thanks!!

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  • Mark Smalley


    So sorry to have to report this – it breaks my heart to say it, but…

    I am no longer able to support this plugin – if you are interested in learning why, please read:

    I will be returning to PressBuddies as and when time permits –

    Selu Vega


    Thats so sad, Mark, you had been doing a great job on gpress! sad to hear its over now!

    Good luck and let me know your projects, Im sure they are fantastic!

    GReatings from Spain

    Mark Smalley


    Yes, I agree – very sad indeed. I really wish I had more time available, but family life has changed all that…

    My next project, and the only project that is currently getting my full attention (and most of the attention from the company I work at too) is MongoPress – – so please do take a look if you get a chance! :-)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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