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Changing your BuddyPress Host?

  • alexilio


    Hello everyone. I am doing my research on finding the right host for my buddypress site. Most of them have limited disk space which will be most likely exceeded with just a few users that will upload media files like videos and photos. What happens then ? Can i transfer my domain name and its data storage to another Host ? If yes, how do i do that ?

    Besides that, has anyone found a good buddypress host that is relatively cheap and offers some good disc storage with cloud hosting clusters ?

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  • You can always move hosts and site files it isn’t a hugely difficult operation, although it’s better to find one that you can grow with as your requirements change i.e that can provide upgrade paths for data transfer and disk space; also you could take the CDN approach to storing files off site.



    Thank you for answering me. What is the CDN approach ? I am not familiar with it. Can you forward me a proper link so i can look more into it ?
    Would you recommend that approach for a big social network ?

    Google is your friend :)

    As is this sites search try a search on CDN it will throw up some topics that reference it



    Alright i will. One more thing. Do you recommend Blue Host as a good Host ? It supports buddypress and it has unlimited storage but the data are kept in shared servers. Should i care about that, or look only for dedicated cloud hosting clusters like Rackspace ?

    No I won’t recommend them as they run affiliate plans one I dislike that approach to internet business, if you’re any good you do not need to try and get business that way and two when an affiliate?! started spamming this site with links to their site and supposed special offer with blue host , a note to Bluehost affilliate manager elicited no response whatsoever, but this is my opinion I have no notion how good their hosting accounts are.

    One other thing treat with suspicion any hosting company that claims to offer ‘unlimited’ anything there is no such thing it’s a marketing ploy, compare hosts and their offerings to get an idea what passes for the general norm and then look for hosts that perhaps offer the best deals.

    As for supporting BuddyPress this isn’t rocket science and doesn’t need a specialist host, but there are a few things that you need to cover such as a decent PHP script memory limit or one that you can adjust if necessary. Generally I would avoid shared hosting with BP sites but that doesn’t mean BP can’t run on one but you probably are advised to make it clear to the host that this is your intention and ask if they have or if there are any problems with that.



    hnla, so you’re turned off to a business because they have an affiliate program. That’s funny. Affiliate programs when done right can be great since it passes on the money that a company would have used to obtain a customer to someone else who referred the customer. Certainly there are other methods to get customers, but I like a company that rewards the people that refer them customers.

    Anyway, Bluehost is a great hosting company for most things, but I don’t generally recommend them for BuddyPress. At least not a production BuddyPress install. It works fine for a test or demo install, but with any sort of traffic you’ll bump into the limits of the shared hosting. The problem with the shared hosts is that you usually bump into CPU limitations before anything else. So, that’s why they can offer you unlimited bandwidth, space, etc. Add in the inability to modify certain things on a shared host and that’s why BuddyPress is better on a server of some sort.

    Luckily, there are a lot of good VPS packages out there where you have a portion of a server, but it has all the features of running your own server.

    To get started and develop your site (before marketing it widely), you could start on a host like Bluehost, but once you want to scale up you’ll likely need to move to something a little more powerful and flexible.

    @techguy so you’re turned off to a business because they have an affiliate program. no you’re putting words in my mouth , that’s not what I said :)

    There is a slightly sleezy connotation to affiliate programs as many see them as a means of making some easy money and suddenly sites spring up all over the shop similar to what happened with adsence and the scourge adsense sites that tried to cash in.



    Not to take this thread too far off subject, but I agree that there is a lot of sleeze involved in the affiliate world. There’s even some sleeze in the Bluehost affiliate program as we saw from the spammers to this site. The most sleeziest affiliates in my book are those whose only method to sell their product is through affiliate hounds. However, from my experience and knowledge with Bluehost as a user and affiliate member, I’d guess that only a small portion of Bluehost’s growth has been through affiliate. I say that partially based on a number of the partnerships that Bluehost has to sell their product. It’s far from just a pure affiliate play company for their sales.

    That said, my real message is Bluehost is a great host for a WordPress blog or test/demo BP site and not so much for a production BP site.



    @hnla, @techguy


    I really appreciate your input in this thread, sure gives some nice insight on how to handle a growing buddypress site. Before I’m ready to move on to a dedicated VPS, can you or anyone else write or point me towards a checklist or any how-to resource on how to move a buddypress installation from one host to another. My current host has some serious memory limitations and I experience excessive loadtimes. I also have another host registered where I want to settle my buddypress site. But I cannot afford to loose userdata or anything else, the site need to stay fully functional on the new server.

    any help is appreciated




    Can someone recommend a couple of good buddypress hosting companies for a full production site?


    I’m using Leaseweb. actually not that good.sorry for recon, before.

    we’re also looking for different hosting solution.
    Our site is lately most of the time offline because of constant server downfall,

    frustrating,and those guys doesn’t seem to know how to fix it.

    DO NOT use StartLogic. Terrible service. No answers.

    i want to transfer my buddypress from one web host to another keeping my domain name same. Can anyone guide me in this regard.

    Andrea Rennick


    It would be the same process even if you were not using BuddyPress. some hosts will even transfer your account for you.

    Your domain name is held at a registrar, and you just change the nameservers so it points to the new host.

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