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Child Themes and Over-riding CSS (possible bug/loophole/me-not-knowing-what-I’m-doing?)

  • ParticularlyEvil


    Hello All,

    So, you are developing a child theme so that you can preserve the Buddypress default theme for upgrading purposes. Occasionally, you add more content to your child theme’s style.css that overrides the default.css, and that’s fine.

    But what if the default.css has information that you just want ignored, not replaced? For example, the default.css has table width:100%. I don’t want to replace the table width with a different value, I want that setting ignored completely on a overriding css level (my table widths are set in every table I put in any given individual post, and varies from entry to entry, sometimes they are 50%, sometimes 30%, etc)

    Sure, I can delete the css entry on default.css, but I’d rather keep bp-default unedited if possible, right?

    Any advice or direction on what I may be missing?

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  • NO there’s technically no reason to keep default.css unedited or preserved instead copy ALL the CSS files and directory structure to your child and adjust your style.css calls to reflect the new path then you can edit, drawback to that approach is if you do rely on aspects of default layout that might updated along with rulesets in default.css as you will not pick them up.

    However if you are setting these tables of yours yourself your values should override the default.css rulesets if that 100% width is causing issues then set a new global default with a value of ‘auto’ as long as the Cascade is observed and there aren’t too many !important messing things up you should be able to further override ‘auto’ later on in the cascade.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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