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Clear Walk through on mapping or .htaccess fix

  • Nick


    I recently added this plugin to my Buddypress site but the images are broken. I have read and read on how to fix it, but the fixes are not clear enough for someone as new as me in the world of coding of any type. I am really just a cut and paste kind of guy.

    Anyway for the pathing fix what exactly should I put in the base url because what is generated has not worked. When I go into my cpanel i can find where all the pictures are going, but they will just not show on the my site/network. I also have access to my .htaccess file but the solution for that is vague with the

    “# BEGIN rewrite rules for the BP Album+ plugin:

    Redirect 301 /blah/username/blah/public_html/

    # END

    makes no sense to me as in what do i put in for “blah” and “”

    So anyway I am totally new at this sort of thing and a clear hand holding would be appreciated.

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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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