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Compatibility with Buddypress Mobile Plugin

  • chestnut_jp


    Today, I got a report in that “Upload picture” link disappears when accessing via buddypress mobile plugin.

    I, for the first time, use buddypress mobile plugin and ,yes, I see the problem.

    When clicking “Album”, there are a number of pictures you uploaded along with the link of “My pictures”. However, “Upload pictures” which should lies beside the “My pictures” link, is gone.

    Accessing to …/album/upload/ by inputting the url in the address bar manually takes you to the upload page, and you can properly upload the picture.

    For this reason, the problem is just only that the link of “Upload pictures” is not displayed through buddypress mobile plugin.

    I do like to fix this problem ASAP. Anybody Any Idea?

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  • foxly



    I would say @modemlooper probably has the most experience with this one.

    So my question is: modemlooper, is there any kind of database out there that lists the capabilities of each phone/version/browser? Because it would be possible to add a look-up class to BP-media that ensures the right phone sees the right links and/or content.

    I think we need to add strong support for mobile users sooner rather than later. The mobile browser market is growing at an incredible rate!




    I’ve not found any info on if a phone allows uploads or not. Most Android phones do. I just want to give the same UX across devices and if that means cutting off uploads then I will. A user of the plugin can add that function back in but then they are going to get every user of iOS complaining that they can’t upload images. That is why I suggest email as it will work on both platforms.



    Great plug in!
    but It doesn’t work with iPhone ios5 while it works perfectly on iPad ios5.

    Any suggestion?



    I tried looking for this in the style.css file and was not able to find it. Did it get move somewhere else? a#upload {

    display: none;

    [ Changed to ]


    a#upload {

    display: none;



    Im trying to allow users to upload images from their cell phones using the mobile version.

Viewing 4 replies - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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