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Could BP Media be configured to auto create an album for each member on signup?

  • rossagrant


    Hi guys,
    What I want to do is this.

    I need to have just 1 photo album in EVERY members profile which is THE SAME setup.
    The album needs to allow the member to upload upto 3 photographs of themselves and that’s it. Very simple. they don’t need to be tagged in them, nothing fancy just that.

    It would be nice to have 1 video album and one audio album, again allowing upto 3 clips to be uploaded.

    I don’t really want my members (who aren’t massively tech savvy) to have to create albums themselves and was wondering if this could be pre configured and created for each member on sign up so that ll they have to do is upload or delete files where necessary. I don;t really want members messing with settings etc, I just need it super simple so they only need upload/ delete.

    Is this wishful thinking or a possibility?

    Thanks so much for your time on this,
    Ross :)

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  • foxly



    This sounds like a potentially very popular feature.

    Please post a feature request on the issue tracker, located here:




    Clever idea.



    @foxly Just posted a request up now.

    It would be great if an admin could just set up 3 albums or so per user for different media. One for photos, one for a video and one for mp3s. The admin could limit the number of uploads per album and then set it so that the user CANNOT create any more albums. This way everyone has the same albums available to them and then all users know where to find media on each other’s profiles.

    What do you think?




    Good suggestion, and perhaps it can automatically name those albums something like follows:

    John’s Media:

    John’s Photos
    John’s Videos
    John’s Music/Audio

    And admin can set limits from the admin panel on:

    – how many albums of any type (photo, video, audio, etc) can members build
    – number of items (photos, videos, audio clips, etc) allowed per album

    Sorry if I am repeating things here, wasn’t exactly clear.



    @rickkumar @foxly

    Rick, automatic naming of the created albums would be PERFECT!

    It takes absolutely any complexity out of the plugin and would make for a perfect setup.
    If that could be done that would be briliant.
    Is that possible foxly?



    I also think it would be wonderful and popular feature!

    I’ve had something similar, since long back, but it’s written in Perl so it is a bit unupdated now (waiting for this new BP Media). Also activity streams we used, in a form of private guestbooks on personal profiles and people loved it. Each album link can have also thumbnail image next to its link etc.

    I reckon BP Media Authors deserve a huge thank you.



    Is that not how the current version already works? Only one album available?



    While we are waiting for this feature to be implemented: has any one tried to do it themselves and succeeded?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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