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Counter in Buddypress

  • hugblue71


    Hi ..

    I need created a buddypress counter.
    All members should have their own counter.

    – – –

    Data for input by admin :::

    Name of counter: (Could be: Money, pearls, tickets, and so on).
    “Is the name of the counter and should be shown to the member”.

    Counter Tick: (Could be: 2 Hours, 4 Days, 30 Days, 30 Minute)
    “For every (Counter tick) the Counter would have to add the (Counter value)”

    Counter Value: (Could be: 1, 251, 0.23)
    “The value here should be a whole number or a decimal number”.

    Reset user:
    “Reset a user id to 0”.

    Adjust user:
    “Adjust a user to whatever number is decided”.

    Block user:
    “Block a user id from having the counter”

    Block user temporary:
    “Block member for x time”

    – – –

    Graphic :::

    The graphic is not so important.
    It is more important that the counter is shown near to the members name and that the member can see that the counter is counting.

    Or the actual users counter could be shown in a widget.

    – – –

    Database :::

    All information should be saved in the database.

    At the wordpress users page in admin there should be a column showing How much the individual user have collected with the counter.

    There need to be a cleanup that automatically removes data that is no longer available. If for example a user is deleted.

    The plugin should be able to see if there are new member and automatically create a new database entry for this member and start showing the counter on this members page.

    – – –

    These are what is needed.
    But changes could come by time.

    I would like to know how much you would expect in pay.
    I would like to know how long it would take to make.

    I would expect that you already have quite a lot of knowledge in buddypress.
    So you shouldn’t have to look up programming Technics and structures minded for a beginner.

    Subject: Use/Type “BUDDYPRESS job offer”.

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  • danbp


    What should the counter count ? Outside of any integration point of view, take a look to myCred plugin which seems to me to be very near of what you describe.



    Hi danbp.

    I am using mycred. To give points for different actions.

    I need the counter to be a sort of interactive counter. (Kind of bonus counter).
    That counts nonstop based on admin input.

    As far as i know this is not possible in mycred.
    But i could be wrong.

    Maybe mycred with its hooks could add a interactive nonstop counter by programming.
    But i am not a html programmer.



    And the counter should count only a number or decimal.

    “Counter Value: (Could be: 1, 251, 0.23)
    “The value here should be a whole number or a decimal number”.”



    I don’t asked for “value” ! A counter is always numeric. I wanted to know what is generating this numbered value.
    (Could be: 1, 251, 0.23) is a result of counting 1 cow, 251 cows or 1 part , 251 part or 1$, 251$… 🙄

    A counter is written in 2 minutes. But integrating such a counter into something (that you haven’t mentionned yet) is a bit longer and complex, depending of the context, the used sofware, DB, etc



    The number generated is based on the input from admin.

    Meaning : If the admin sets the “counter value” to 10 and “counter tick” to 14 days.

    Then the counter at the members profile page should show.
    Example: (start : 1 January).

    1 January (10) +10
    3 January (11.4) “Profile being seen by member”.
    15 January (20) +10
    28 January (30) +10
    6 February (36.3) “Profile being seen by member”.
    11 February (40) +10

    But the counter should be/shown like a real counter.
    That endlessly count.



    And the counter should be integrated into buddypress member profiles



    Example 2 :

    “counter value” to 10 and “counter tick” to every 2 hours.

    Then the counter at the members profile page should show.
    Example: (start : 02:00).

    02:00 (10) +10
    02:15 (11.245) “Profile being seen by member”.
    04:00 (20) +10
    06:00 January (30) +10
    07:30 February (37.5) “Profile being seen by member”.
    08:00 February (40) +10

    Might be very wide of the mark but haven’t time to read the rather lengthy specs evolving here – try having a look at Paul Gibbs ‘Achievements’ plugin.



    Hi Hugo ..

    I already use a plugin for this purpose. Mycred.

    I am searching for/ getting created a counter for Buddypress members.

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