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Couple of bugs / feature requests

  • nlvp


    “Create a member group” button on the “Member Groups” tab needs a newline after it otherwise it kicks the first group to the right, breaking formatting.

    “Create a member group” button appears on Member Groups tab even when that functionality is disabled. Would be better to save the real estate by hiding it in these cases.

    Tree view of groups and subgroups doesnt work. Subgroups do not appear, just a flat list of root level groups.

    Hierarchy of groups is not reflected in the drop-down menu for a new forum topic – the user is just presented with a flat unordered list of all the groups in the system, regardless of their place in the tree.

    I’d love the ability to set certain groups as “group containers” or “tree nodes” rather than actual full groups. Sometimes I don’t want people posting anything in a group which is meant to just serve as a container for other groups.

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  • David Dean


    The “create a member group” button is only supposed to be shown when that is possible for the current user. Can you give more details on when that shows up when it shouldn’t? Thanks for the note about the formatting; that will definitely be fixed for the next release.

    If you want to create pseudo-groups to hold other groups, you need to be a little creative: you can make the parent groups private, set them to be announcement-only groups with another plugin, or look into

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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