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Coureware quiz assignment text or paragraph allow for multiple answers

  • can you use wildcards as a answer, allowing for multiple answers
    example text : what is your answer? * (anything goes and is ok)

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  • chaoti


    Put nothing behind the question mark. Then they can write everything, but you’ll have to give points manually. If you put * behind the question mark, the right answer will be * and every other answer will be ranked as a mistake. ;)

    Stas Su?cov


    Hmm, not really.
    I don’t see how this should fit into a quiz workflow.

    Hi Stas,
    how this works is that in the quiz we are asking for a global understanding of the material, any answer is correct because the answer in the paragraph is about their beliefs and can be anything, it doesn’t have to be exact – thanks chaoti for the alternative

    to add to that I would still like to mark “any textual answer” as correct to add to the progress bar, (the course we are building is personal development / self help therefor any answer is correct in some instances.

    Stas Su?cov


    @byrontik as I said, that doesn’t sound like a quiz. You can use an assignment with no quiz attached to achieve the same workflow.

    Hi Stas Thanks for your time, It is not a bigg issue and I understand it must be hard to cater for all request.

    I have to stick with the opinion that what we need is in quiz style, I could solve it by getting the student to create responders I guess. or if I had save-able text fields, , which is the quiz.

    Text fields and paragraph answers having to be exact makes those pretty difficult, one wrong word and your answer is graded wrong.

    I’ll explain the quiz, this is our flow –
    1. what is the right answer
    a – wrong
    b – right
    c – wrong
    2. what is the most common cause to you
    – (paragraph) any answer is correct because it is individual and filling this in should add to process
    3. checklist etc

    If it is not an option than no problem, I’ll just use blank after question mark and let the teacher grade or change php on paragraphs,
    Thanks very much for your time

    Stas Su?cov


    Thanks for understanding, and
    keep it up! :)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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