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Courseware Showcase

  • thealchemist


    I’m intrigued by this application and may have some use for it in the future for a client or two. However, without screenshots or a link to a site actively using it, I don’t want to have to build my own sample site just to see it working.

    So, if you’re using this plugin could you provide a link to your site so I could check it out, please?

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  • We are implementing courseware here
    courseware courses can always be found under the GROUPS tab in a buddypress installation.

    We are very happy with the results and the options. and are currently half way through developing course 1 with the standard courseware functionality I DID NOT HAVE TO CHANGE or ADD A SINGLE LINE OF PHP

    You will have to sign up as a member and I have to give you access before you can see the site, I have had a lot of spam member sign ups and installed SI-Captcha to stop spambots from signing up it works well I use it in conjunction with the AKSIMET plugin

Viewing 26 replies (of 26 total)
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