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Create a member group for non members

  • b1gft


    I have noticed on my site that when a reader (not logged in) goes to the groups page, there is a button that says “Create a member group” When you click on this it brings you to a Page not found.

    I have found that when i deactivate the Plugin: BP Group Hierarchy it does not show, so I assume its the plugin. Is this there by default. I would have thought you had to be logged in before a sign like that would show.
    If it is there by default, how can I redirect that link to a page saying you must be logged in. or how can I show this only to logged in members.

    Thanks for a great plugin.

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  • @mercime


    @b1gft in re

    What happens after user who is not logged in clicks on the button “Create a member group” ? Does it not lead them to the log in page?



    No, I thought it should. It leads them to a page that says
    Page not found
    We’re sorry, but we can’t find the page that you’re looking for. Perhaps searching will help.

    Deleted User, can you provide some details on your install?



    Hi David, what do you mean by details of the install. I will guess you are looking for the following.

    WP installed 3.3.1
    BP Can not see the number but its the most up to date, I think its 1.5.1
    I also have multi site installed.

    If you need more information please ask and thanks for your help.

    @b1gft – Thanks for the info! That’s a great start. I think I’m close to a fix, but have a couple questions to make sure I’m fixing your issue and not some other one :)

    – This is on the page for a particular group, on the Member Groups tab, right?
    – What is the value of “Allow x to create Member Groups” for the affected groups?



    Hi Dave,
    Well done, your question solved the problem. I had the main group set up that anyone could create a member group. When I changed it to say only group members could make a member group, the tab disappeared.
    Thanks very very much for your help, I really appreciate it.

    Hi @b1gft – it’s still a bug and a fix is available in the development version if you need that functionality now, but I’m glad the workaround is working for you!

    So for clarity:
    issue/bug is

    If ‘Group Hierarchy’ admin settings ‘allow * to create member groups’ is set to ‘Anybody’ a logged out / anonymous user visiting a group will see the ‘create member group’ button which however in logged out state will simply 404.

    Oddly though if as site admin I visit a group I’m not a member of I can naturally effect all settings of that group – I can change the Group Hierarchy setting to ‘anybody’ having done so I might then expect I would see the ‘Create member group’ button appear but it doesn’t seem to.

    Personally I’m not sure that ‘anybody’ setting really has a useful function?



    Hi Dave .
    I think this bug could be advantages if a logged out person clicks on “create a member group” they are sent to a page that says they must be registered to create a group or sent directly to the registration/ login page.
    I think this could get extra people to sign up to your site.

    @b1gft – that’s not a bad idea! I’m thinking the default behavior should still be to hide the button, but there’s a simple filter than you can use to return true and expose it. Thoughts? You’d have to create the function to handle anonymous visitors who click on it, but the option would be available.

    @hnla – are you saying the “Create a Member Group” button doesn’t show up to you as super admin? Or that it doesn’t show up when set to “Anyone” and logged out?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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