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Create a plugin for me [payed job]

  • olegabr


    I need a buddypress statistics plugin. It should calculate a user’s activity as a number of posts by BP groups activities for day, week, month and year. It should do it separately for each group.
    The plugin should add a tab to the group page with a list of users ordered by their activity ascending. It should allow to choose any of the last seven days, current and previous week, current and previous month, and current and previous year.
    The stats table’s row should have: user name, number of posts made in this group for the period chosen, and the row’s number. This table rows should have a PHP template to tune it’s presentation with a reasonable default with CSS classes provided for each table cell’s content.
    The plugin should provide user an option to see stats not only for activity, but for other users likes of her posts. The “Activity Reactions For Buddypress” plugin integration should be provided to support this type of statistics. In this case the table have a number of likes instead of number of posts as in the previous case.
    The plugin should add a tab to the BP user’s profile page to display this user’s achivements if he was first, second or third in some day or week or month or year.
    The row should contain:
    1. The achivement string like: “Second place for the day” or “The best in the year”
    2. a number of posts involved in this achivement
    3. Date or date interval: “31 Jul 2017”, “30 Jul – 5 Aug 2017”, “Jul 2017”, “2017”
    Same requirements for PHP template with reasonable default apply.

    The plugin should provide clean html and CSS markup to easily integrate it with any BP theme. It should provide easy to customize PHP templates for all visual components created.
    All SQL queries performed by this plugin should use indexes.

    This job would be payed. I’m placing it there because it is not easy to find experienced developers for that job. Hope they can be found there.

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