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Creates new post instead of post in BuddyPress Links (READ)

  • billy1111a


    Hi, i really like this plugin and want to use it on my website, but would you be able to make it so when my user creates a new link it automatically creates a post in my posts section instead of creating a post in the BuddyPress Links section. Because if something was to go wrong and I had to delete the plugin I would loose all my links. But if it creates a post for the link instead and I delete the plugin the links will still be there.

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  • meg@info



    Niec plugin, i have just a question about how i can disable all integration with (Profiles, Directory, Activity Stream, Widgets, Notifications) and let only the admin adding the links (just should work).

    thanks for answe :)



    Hi again,

    i think i found the solutiion , i edit the function bp_links_setup_nav() in bp-links-core.php (o__O)

    Dia Ritoch


    I want something similar to @billy111a . Something more like Facebook, where if I type in a link, it would result to an embed showing a thumbnail of that site and an excerpt. And it should appear in the activity stream.

    Is that possible?

    @megainfo – Can you be a little more specific on what to edit. Or, would you be willing to do some freelance work?

    Has anyone else successfully edited this?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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