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  • mira360


    try with WP-Cron Oneshot , Troubleshooting plugin for wp-cron. Schedules a “do nothing” task through wp-cron.

    It is not good for my, but you can test it

    The issue is not that he cronjob is not working. The issue is that my server does not allow for cronjob setup



    Have you tried using WP-Crontrol?

    It uses the wordpress cron system which doesn’t depend on a server cron.

    Although it’s a bit old it seems to work for me…

    I’ve just installed it on my ( local vista / remote linux ) test sites and can get it to run buddystream’s import.php on schedule ( It helps if your site has visitors….). I haven’t tried to configure the streams yet….

    Peter Hofman


    We are also working on a service for this, more about that soon.



    Substituting your normal cron jobs for the pseudo WP ones should actually work fine for a social network. WP cron jobs rely on a user visiting the site to fire it and that shouldn’t be a problem for a BP site, even if you only have 10 visitors a day. Would open up Buddystream to anybody who doesn’t have access to real cron jobs.

    Peter Hofman


    @Travel-Junkie, in the past the plugin was open to WP cron. Only sites hanged because the import is a heavy process so the user that fired the cron had to wait for a minute or longer, they did not do that but just closed the browser and then the import was interrupted. Thats why we had to make the choice to remove the WP cron functionality from the plugin.

    We are now working on a cron service so user can use crons but on one of our servers.
    Just working out a good model for it (free,basic,advanced packages).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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