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CubePoints (recommendation)

  • Ben


    I added cube points the other and I think it is great. One Idea what I want to use it for is to offer Contests for people with the most points and the person that wins, get’s a prize of some sort. In my site, I built a town social network, my plan is to get local shops and restaurants to sponsor on my site with ads and such. Now what would be neat if in the backend of cube points, I can create a starting date and ending date for the most points either totally or sperate categlories, “I.e. Most Posts, most refferals or most consecutive logins, ect…” And the winner would then recieve a (gift certificate or any prize) from the site admin that they would send them seperatly.

    I think this could be great because people would really want to try to get more points to get the end prize and I am sure sponsors would not mind giving away free stuff for more exposure. I could do this manualy, but it would be a great feature to ad it in another version, So everyone could see the end stats to avoid confussion and hatred for the Admin. Also if there could be an option for the enduser to view the contest as a button linking to a page so what ever the prize was, the sponsor would get exposure and at the same time the site admin could charge the sponsor for an ad fee. Sorry to ramble, but I think this could an income producing feature for site owners.

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  • Anne


    You actually have a great idea on how to control contests, everyone would earn their own points. Currently a start time at zero points could be achieved by emptying a counter table to start from scratch. But a time limit for the competition, e.g. 2 months from a date time to a date time, then keeping frozen counter after the end time would be so great. for many things better than voting.

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