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Custom group listings: querying groups by groupmeta

  • aaclayton


    Hi BuddyPress community,

    I’m really loving the group system (you can check out my groups page here:, and I’m getting ready to allow users full capabilities to create groups themselves. Since this will dramatically increase the number of groups, I need a way to filter groups by a particular group meta key/value.

    In particular, all groups match one of six meta values, where only one set of groups will be relevant to a particular type of user.

    Has anyone successfully added a feature allowing groups to be queried or filtered by groupmeta?

    I found this incredibly helpful gist by boone gorges,, that is designed to accomplish exactly what I’m attempting. Unfortunately I’m not able to get this code to work on my end. By checking a series of echos and var_dumps I’ve been able to verify that the problem is that the SQL query isn’t being properly filtered. I’m sort of hitting a wall on this one, but it’s a feature that is a big priority for moving my community forward, and one I’d love to collectively figure out a solution for.

    Thanks for any suggestions,
    Andrew Clayton

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  • tabykatt



    I took a look at your site, and it looks like you got it to work. I’m trying to do something very similar. Can you point me in the direction of how you got this functioning? So far, all solutions I have tried are not working for me.


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