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Custom Theme and some questions

  • 21cdb


    Hey @MrMaz!

    I’m building a custom theme for buddypress-links and run in trouble with two little functions.

    1.) I just want to show an avatar in links-loop-item.php if there is some avatar uploaded by the user or auto detectedt by the rich media detector, but I don’t want to show the default avatar.

    I tried but that doesn’t work – it only show a “0” on all links, regardless if they have an auto detected avatar or just the default.

    2.) My other problem is how to display the category selectbox as an unordered list. I want to build an category menu instead of the dropdown selectbox?

    Are there any future plans on BP-Links or will you drop the development since you are now an core developer?

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  • MrMaz


    Re #1: That function only works inside the loop. You want to use bp_links_fetch_avatar().

    Re #2: You are going to have to modify the template. That is beyond the scope of this forum.

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