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Customize BP for a church

  • KGarrett


    I’m looking to expand on some of Buddy Press’ features….

    I need to organize users into households – allowing a family to update their family info, but let individual users participate in groups.

    I also need to add a follow-up system where group admins can enter notes about contacting new members and leaving phone messages, etc. There needs to be a few reports that are generated so that a church staff member can view all the different groups, see how many members have requested access, if they have been given a follow-up call, and the notes.

    Lastly, there is an annual “survey” that people will be given to go through and sign up for different groups, as well as pledge their annual giving amount. This is done once per year and we need to see reports of who has filled out the survey, who hasn’t, etc. This should be tied into the different groups, so when they indicate they’re interested in the group, the whole follow-up system is triggered.

    I only have a vague sense of budget for this project. I hope to keep it under $1500. Timing on this is critical – I need to have certain portions working by next week.

    Please email me kelly at ekcetera dot com if interested.

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  • @mercime


    @kgarrett do post also at

    The features you listed above would require a major custom development of around three new component plugins for BuddyPress. Please keep in mind that you might have to re-hire the developer of those rush-job-plugins when BP 1.7 rolls out to update the codes. I have to say the $1500 offer for the features you want is really low. Having said that, who knows, maybe you’d find a developer who would be a good Samaritan. Best wishes.

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