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Danish translation of BP 1.5.5 available

  • mort3n


    I have translated BP 1.5.5 into Danish.

    However, I have difficulty contributing the po and mo files to

    I’m aware of the stagnated translation effort using Glot… that links to, but would rather just upload the files.

    Any ideas?

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  • Lars Henriksen


    Hej mort3n

    Må jeg få dine oversættelsesfiler… ?

    Vil spare mig for en hulens masse arbejde på …



    Hej. Jeg er også på udkig efter en dansk oversættelse. Er der nogen hjælp at hente?

    Daniel Juhl


    Hi all,

    I’ve recently started to work on danish translations of both BuddyPress and bbPress through GlotPress. There is a lot of work to do, but we make fast progress and the plan is that a danish translations of bbPress should be complete within this month and BuddyPress to follow next month.

    You can follow the project in GlotPress or on my blog, where if made a page with ready-to-use danish localizations.

    Please note, that the localization is done based on latest version – and not on 1.5.5 as the title of the thread could indicate.

    Kind Regards
    Daniel Juhl

    Why not just use a translator plugin like I do to and set your native language to danish in the plugin settings? It would make your site more internationalized if you did! Here is a great plugin for that purpose .

    Roger Coathup



    if you want to understand the principles of internationalizing WordPress, BuddyPress, etc., and what @danieljuhl has updated us on re: Danish, you can start reading here:

    @rogercoathup Thank you for the info. I have actually done some work with translations pot files on my site. It is simple. Thank you anyway! :-)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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