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Decentralized Social Networking Plugin

  • Dan Cole


    Maybe this is more like side talk, but I’d like to discus using open protocols in a BuddyPress Plugin I’m developing. The plugin will allow people on different websites to connect, friend one another, and communicate.

    Some of the things I’m planning on incorporating into this plugin are:
    authenticated friendship requests (as opposed to authorized friendship requests)
    secure server-to-server communication, using a push method.

    I’m designing the authentication to be generic so it can use OpenID, WebID, or whatever else people want to use. For now, it looks like OpenID is going to be the easiest to implement, since there is already a WordPress plugin that handles this.

    I guess oAuth is the protocol to use for server-to-server communication.

    My plugin is very much a work in progress. Currently I’m setting up basic the basic connection system of sending request, accepting contacts, and listing contacts, as well as the basic foundation for the plugin. I’m looking for people to give advice or give a hand. I want to make sure the server-to-server communication is done in a clean, secure, and open way. Any thoughts, ideas, or advice?

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