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Digest mail seems not to be sent at the given time.

  • chestnut_jp


    Dialy Digest and Weekly Digest are sent at the given time Admin set.
    However, as long as I have experienced, these digest mails are not sent properly even in the 2.7.3 version.

    It appears that if no one access to the website, which means no one browse the BuddyPress site around the time for digest delivery, the mail won’t be sent until someone accesses, via browser, to the site.

    For this reason, I set crontab using “lynx -dump” at the time of daily and weekly digest delivery like following:

    `time of delivery lynx -dump BuddyPress Site URL > /dev/null 2>&1`

    I hope this will soon be corrected.

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  • Dwenaus


    You are correct that if no one visits the site, the cron will not run – that is a problem with wp_cron, not with our plugin. how should this be corrected?

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