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Digest Mails empty

  • Hi! First of all thanks for creating such an awesome plugin. Buddypress + Group Email Subscription are really the #1 community tool out there.

    Unfortunately after upgrading to Buddypress 1.2.9 and WP 3.2 the daily digest e-mail gets sent out without the excerpt of the post(s). The html formatting is sent, there is a link to the forum, but no actual content.
    The pipeline shows the same: there are new posts, but it doesnt show the excerpts. The content of the pipeline is below. It’s in German, but you might get the idea…
    Any thoughts? Is there a way I can force-subscribe my members to ‘All Email’ in the database?
    Thanks! I’m really grateful for any suggestions :)

    Here comes the content of the pipeline:

    ======================== to: ********** ========================
    Deine tägliche Zusammenfassung der Gruppenaktivitäten bei Leo-Club Aachen

    Zusammenfassung der Gruppen:
    Test Group (3 Objekte) (<- that's the link)

    Gruppe: Test Group
    ändernE-Mail Optionen für diese Gruppe
    Du erhältst diese Nachricht, weil du eine Zusammenfassung bestimmter Gruppenaktivitäten auf Leo-Club Aachen abonniert hast.

    Um diese Benachrichtigungen abzuschalten, musst du dich einloggen und auf Meine Gruppen gehen, wo du die Benachrichtigungseinstellungen für jede Gruppe ändern kannst.

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  • Dwenaus


    hi, I guess we need to look into this and update the plugin. thanks for the clear description.



    Also, the organization that funded the first iteration of this plugin is not switching to 3.2 any time soon. so if others would like to make small donations to support these updates, it would be appreciated and speed up the process considerably. Alternatively submitting diffs with code fixes would be equally appreciated. Ah, open source.

    Hi! Thanks for the quick reply! As for a small donation, I’ll talk to the board of our small charity about that. I can’t make any promises, though (mind you our yearly IT budget is only double digits).
    Is there any way to subscribe my members to All Mail in the database? I poked around a little but couldn’t find the right field. Any hints?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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