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Disabling BuddyPress Registration Component

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    I am totally new to buddypress, and I am very excited to work on it for the first time. I have good understanding of WordPress. I am trying to integrate buddypress with an existing wordpress site. The problem is that my site is a subscription based site. So I need users to sign up using WordPress registration.

    I want to use buddypress but I want users to register using my existing registration system. Once they signup they can then modify their buddypress profiles. I am also concerned about security so I want to disable buddypress registration component and use WordPress registration system.


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  • you may want to look into s2 member i think it can handle everything you are trying to achieve also i don’t think you should be so concerned about the buddypress activation process as opposed to the wordpress activation for security reasons i believe if anything the buddypress slightly more secure but for the most part i think they’re the exact same thing (other then the additional default email verification step for buddypress) in fact if someone registers for your site but fails to activate they will be a regular wordpress user and not listed with your other buddypress members.

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    Thanks ben. Actually I am already done with Restrict Content Pro. So I can’t try another plugin.

    figured you might say that unfortunately if your existing plugin doesn’t support buddypress functionality then that sort of puts you in a box. if you decide to keep your existing plugin then you will either need to find another way to implement the restrictions (not likely to be easy), wait for the plugin to support buddypress or reassign your user levels with a plugin which does support blocking BP pages such as s2 member. maybe someone else who knows more then i do will have another idea but that’s all i got.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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