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Display Random Group Member with some of their profile fields

  • embergermedia


    I have a network that has a group of “Experts”. I have several areas on my sites design where I would like to display members of this group in a random fashion. I already know how to use the group members loop, and it has no random feature.

    It had been suggested to me to create a custom loop that uses this groups member ids to create a custom members loop (like the kind that shows all members of a network. This type of loop has a random feature).

    I am willing to pay for working code. Requirements:

    *Display only the members of the selected “Group”
    *Display them Randomly
    *Display a max number of members — I want to be able to show only one random member in some areas, but perhaps ten random members in other ares.
    *Display pieces of the profile data, ie I have custom fields for website and bio


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