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displaying lacation aswell?

  • nit3watch


    @msmalley been playing around and no more errors, the admin panel looks power man.

    Feature request, if you ever have the spare time :P I think many ppl would like the option ( below* ), and when you get around to the group maps, would also open up further possibilities for you great plug-in, like business listings and so on.

    *I think you should be able to display the actual location on their profile aswell along with the map ( I know the mouse over displays the add but would still be nice to be able to display it ), as in: members>admin>settings>geo> “Closest address: 1 example street “.

    meh.. just saw you have a feature request section >.< though ganna leave this one here not to spam the forums

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  • Am working on a few new BuddyPress features at the moment and this will go nicely with what I am doing, so will try to include it within the next update, but am presently wasting lots of time on an IE7 glitch I found – so it may not be until next weekend when the update comes along… That damn IE7 – Bill sucks! :-)

    Version 0.2.3 now has the text-based version of the user’s location – is this what you was after?



    Ie Sucks : P
    amazing job!

    IE sure does suck, no denying that, but it’s no excuse. We really hope to have this resolved soon, and before going off topic with this thread – I’ll now close it. Thanks for the feedback Martin.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
  • The topic ‘displaying lacation aswell?’ is closed to new replies.
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