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  • Might be missing the point here but with do_actions I question where they occur and whether they are all necessary?

    Yes they can be moved around in the theme files quite easily, but it’s more a question the more there are the more problematic it becomes not knowing if they might be used and for what and by what I wouldn’t want to take the action of removing them but equally moving them becomes a possible issue; for example:

    BP places do_action(‘bp_after_sidebar’)

    this is actually described after #sidebar is closed, now in many layouts bp/wp or otherwise placing pcdata after this element would break a layout and wouldn’t be desirable, moving it seems pointless as the logical place would be to within #sidebar before it is closed but we already have do_action(‘bp_inside_after_sidebar’) so question is ‘bp_after_sidebar’ somewhat redundant, does it serve a purpose I overlook? Is it simply legacy?

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