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Documents managing / Groupware functionality

  • roman


    hi really great work! here my feedback:

    – upload of additional documents should be possible, so that all group documents can be organized at one point (jpg, pdf, xls, …)
    – comments and rating for documents (even if not inline editable) would be great too.
    – defining parents is already really nice, what about folder structures?
    – ie8 seems to be a little bitchy with buddpress docs editor (surprise, surprise, ^^)
    – i love it already!


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  • Boone Gorges


    Glad you’re enjoying the plugin, and thanks for the feedback!

    – I’m definitely planning some sort of upload integration I’ve been thinking of using BP Group Documents as the backend
    – There’s already a comments section for each doc (at the bottom). Inline comments would be nice but are a long way off – they’re really complicated. Document rating, or at least integration with another BP/WP ratings tool, is on the map:
    – I am personally not a huge fan of true folders – tagging already does everything that folders do, and more. However, in the future I might create a folder *view*, that would allow you to browse through tags in a way that seemed folder-ish.
    – Ugh, IE8 :) I’ve opened an issue:

    Thanks again for using the plugin!



    yeah sounds nice!
    – bp group documents works nice already (im using both now paralelly) a mesh up would be perfect.
    – rating tools which base on comments do allready work!
    – inline comments isnt really necessary in my oppinion :)
    – indeed folder functionality is a nice to have feature but not essential!

    thanks for your fast answer!



    i would like to have a more individual type of Right-Management.
    So that a document could be visible and or editable to single users only (instead of group admins or mods).
    would that be possible? THANKS

    Boone Gorges


    It’s possible, but it’s somewhat cumbersome to code (and to come up with a workable UI). I’ve made a note of the request, though

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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