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Does the current version of achievements allow custom functions?

  • I was wondering if the current version of the achievements plugin allows custom functions. I am using wp 3.2.1 bp 1.5 and Opencart 1.5 as my storefront. Although I do not have a bridge between opencart and wp as of yet I would like the achievement plugin to add the achievements points to the opencart rewards points system for user. So that as users earn achievements they can use their points to purchase items from the opencart store front. To do this I would assume I would have to build a custom function around the achievements points to not only add points to the wp/bp user but to also add them to the opencart user in question(of coarse once I bridge both apps userbase).

    The idea of this is for a company portal for all the employees. This portal will include coarseware and wiki docs while also using multisite for each of the departments to communicate to only their employees and allowing the portal to show data from all multisites. Eitherway each of the employees would gain achievement badges and points for their work, performance, and just going above and beyond for our client base. We currently give out giftcards or have prizes like cameras and tvs, but having and online store that allowed our employees to see all the items they can win/earn based on doing exceptional work IMHO would provide alot of value plus we as a company would not really have to purchase the items until one of the employees earned enough points and wanted it.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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