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does this plugin support Groups ?

  • abcde666


    it says in your description: “It supports complete integration with…Profiles, Directory, Activity Stream, Widgets, Notifications, Admin Bar, Admin Dashboard…”

    Does this Plugin also support Groups, in a way that ONLY the Group-Admin is allowed to post Links e.g. to a Youtube-Video or to a .pdf-document. Like having “Links” associated to a certain Group, same as we already have a Forum for each Group, it would be great to have a “Links-Tab” for each Group.

    Is this already implemented or is there a chance to tweak it like that ?

    Many thanks,

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  • MrMaz


    There is a links tab for each group. Anyone can add or share links with a group, but admins and group moderators can remove links from groups. When a link is removed, it can only be re-added by an admin or moderator.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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