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Does this plugin work with WP 3.1?

  • PJ


    It’s enabled but not listed under the network admin’s Buddypress area. It’s like … it doesn’t even see that it’s there! It’s probably a 3.1 issue.

    How can I get Buddypress links on my site? :)

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  • Cam


    To get this plugin to work with 3.1 take the following steps:

    Admin areas:
    modify bp-links-core.php line 313 (FIXED) (or approx) to read:
    `add_action( ‘network_admin_menu’, ‘bp_links_check_installed’ );`

    modify bp-links-admin.php line 27 (or approx) to read:
    `add_action( ‘network_admin_menu’, ‘bp_links_add_admin_menu’, 12 );`

    These two fixes add ‘network_’ to the admin_menu action to place it in the network settings (not the site settings) in a multisite arrangement.

    There is a better fix for compatibility sake that is referenced here: that allows for multisite and non-multisite compatibility (however I am running multisite so I don’t need the compatibility built in).

    Colorbox/shadowbox fix:
    Update the `jquery.colorbox-min.js` from (jquery was updated and likely broke this old library file.) The file is located in `buddypress-links/themes/bp-links-default/_inc`

    This was just discussed at

    Hope this helps. It got me back up and running. :)



    Thanks, @crazycoolcam it looks like it’s working. Thank you for your help. :)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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