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Does Welcome Pack Slow down emails?

  • Virtuali


    Wonderful Plugin @djpaul! Very nice written and overall.

    It seems though as I activate welcome pack, the emails drastically slow down, and sometimes will not post at all.

    So what I did was deactivate, and activated another account, and the email appeared a-lot sooner

    I have done this several times, so I am starting to think that the plugin is slowing down the emails.

    It could possibly be my server fluctuating, but my server is usually pretty speedy with emails.

    Another factor is the keywords I put inside the email, such things that emails could be looked at as spam… I will look into it.

    SVC :)

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  • If you’re talking about the customised email option, unless you’ve got an extremely very small amount of server memory available for PHP (and your site uses most of it “as rest”), Welcome Pack won’t make a difference.

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