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Duplicate title on topic pages

  • Hi guys
    Fists of all, a special thanks to @svenl77 for this great plugin.
    I’m writing here because I noticed a problem on the Topic Title page.
    I’m using as title the tag %%forumtopictitle%%.
    But visiting a topic page, the title look like:
    %%forumtopictitle%% | %%forumtopictitle%%
    Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
    Any idea about how to fix it?

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  • Hi @albertoita,

    thank you for reporting! From now on, I am responsible for the SeoPress Plugin. I will add the bug to our ticketsystem an will check the error the next days and will fix it.

    Your ticket:

    Thaaaank you and Bye! ;)

    Hi @mahype, thanks for the update.
    Ok, looking forward for next update


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    Yes, same here. Simply doesnt work at all with 3.1/1/28

    Can we hope for an update soon?

    WHat about pagination? How can we get “xxxxxxxxxx page N” into the titles and description? Othwerwise i am just generating duplicate content.

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    I stand corrected. It would seem that seopress was conflicting with another bpSEO plugin. Once removed, SEP Press is working.

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    @mahype: i posted this else where too, but I’d really like to be able to have the page number shown in the title ONLY IF the page id > 1.

    Can we do this with seopress? If not, can you add that vital (for seo) functionality please?


    The paginations works with the Special-Tags:

    %%page%% (Site X of Y)
    %%pagenumber%% (X)
    %%pagetotal%% (Y)

    This should work on sites with pagination on Title, description and Keywords. But don’t ask me if its working right now. At this weekend I’ve rewritten the Special Tag engine totally new. So I don’t know whats working in the old version or whats not working. Just wait for the next update and it should work. The whole version will be totally reworked. So, be surprised ;) In the end of the next week we should launch the next Version.


    Your proble was fixed for the next version.

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    @mahype: that’s great news!

    Can you confirm that the pagination will ONLY show on page 2, page 3 etc…., and NOT on page 1?

    This is the optimal SEO outcome. Having pagination data on page one only serves to dilute the effectiveness of the title itself.

    Thanks again!

    Thanks for the info!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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