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Dynamic achievemenet: Donation amount

  • Erlend


    Okay, this is probably a super tricky one, so tricky in fact that I’d be happy to pay for it as an add-on to Achievements. Might as well throw it out there though:

    I’d love a dynamic achievement, in the sense that its associated description would be based on the individual user. The particular example I have in mind is if I could somehow connect an achievement with a PayPal/WePay donation. This would immediately grant the user a “Donator!” badge, but what’s more, it would be fantastic if that badge could also give some indication of the amount that was donated.

    Just the donate -> achievement connection would be a great start of course; I’d pay for just that (as long as its visible in-forum :P )

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  • Nm


    if you’re on a MU install, I can think of a round about way of doing this just by setting up a new site that is just dedicated to “post”-donations using paypal, gravity forms/custom fields maybe. This way you can keep track of all donations for each user using the WP “blog” each users donations is kept tack by author/archives.

    Create achievements just for that site as post actions, create the achievements for each amount increment. This way you can name your badges donator-$ and put the amount in the description of each. Since its multiste you can quarter off these donation achievements as specifically Donation achievements and show them together in a All Achievements Available widget.

    so…at least that’s how i would do strong arm it to work. :)

    And really if you are only doing achievments for donations and nothing else, you could use points in sync with the dollar amounts. that would be cool. but i’m guessing you’d want to use the other acheivement actions. :)

    You could make an achievement on-the-fly for each donator, but that would clutter up the directory very quickly.

    It’s straightforward to give a donation as long as the paypal plugin? lets you fire a WordPress action after a successful donation. You could then filter on the description text and inserting the custom value (donation amount) based on a meta store, somewhere (user meta?).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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