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Edit my Location

  • Leandro



    I’am having a strange problem. I can’t see the map on the “edit my location” page, it´s strange because on the registration page I can see the map normally.

    I thought that would be a plugin problem or a theme problem, but I already deactivated all plugins and changed to bp-default theme and nothing happened.

    Someone can help me?

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  • Which version of gPress, WordPress and BuddyPress are you using, and in which browser…? I am using WP 3.1, BP 1.2.8 and FF3 without problems…

    I am having the same problen. It seems to work fine in the registration form (appears the map and you can set up a location), but in the edit profile location the maps it not shown. Even if you enter a location and click on search it still does not appears.
    I’ve tried to enabling ‘add jquery to theme’ in the advanced settings (initially disabled) and got the same result.
    Versions: WP 3.1.2 BP 1.2.8 gPRESS 0.2.5.
    I’ve tried with buddycorporate theme and buddypress default theme with the same result.

    Can you help with that?

    I should day I’ve disabled all plugins without luck and tried to use it on the twenty ten theme but it goes to home when using url, probably it does not support buddypress

    Mark, I’ve tried it with FF5.0, IE and Chrome, with the same result. The location edition on the profile does not show the map.
    What can I do?

    I’ve found a javascript error with FF, in the edit location profile page (
    missing } after property list
    mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.450 });
    line 433

    I’ve tried to debug, but I am not familiar with the gmaps api. Hope you troubleshoot quick! :-)

    Thank you Mark

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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