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Email subject and accent

  • Hi @Dwenaus @chestnut_jp,

    I have some issue with email sent. My site is in french. When I receive a notification email for an update on a group set on “All Email”, the email subject looks like :


    In the email, if the group update contain accent, looks like :

    Guillaume Coulon a fait une mise à jour dans le groupe ,n;b

    “fffff ééé”

    To view or reply, log in and go to:

    To disable these notifications please log in and go to:
    Your email setting for this group is: All Email

    Any idea ?

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  • chestnut_jp



    Sorry but I do not speak/read French, so I do not understand what “Guillaume Coulon a fait une mise” mean.

    First of all, could you tell me which version are you using?

    Secondly, do you have your own (French) lang file stored in languages directory of the plugin?

    Third, do you specify date_default_timezone_set, or $localzone as for my new package, in the plugin?

    Digest mail’s charactor code or encoding might be wrong. Is it properly set to French?


    2.7.6 with WP 3 and BP 1.2.6

    “Guillaume Coulon a fait une mise à jour dans le groupe” means “XXX has update on the group XXX”

    In the subject, we have (but in french) : “XXX_has_update_on_the_group_XXX”

    In the email, if the update contain accent, we have : “ééé…….”

    I’m not using translation for the moment, because the email doesn’t work.

    When you are saying “Third, do you specify date_default_timezone_set, or $localzone as for my new package, in the plugin?” what do you mean ? I don”t have any new option in my backend.



    There is an existing bug with the daily digest and weekly summary where accent characters turn out strange. If anyone can solve this I would be grateful. I’m too busy to look into it right now.



    As the plugin author @dwenaus replied it is a bug, my answer does not seem to be needed.

    Because 2.7.6 does not translate any words for unknown reason, I have not yet used it.
    I am now making a brand new buddypress site to see how 2.7.6 works, so please give me some time to solve the problem, first of all I have to find out if 2.7.6’s translatoin works though…

    As for date_default_timezone_set, yes, you do not see any setting in your backend. It is to be set in the script.

    Looking into the file “bp-activity-subscription-digest.php”, you will see “Change this to reflect local time as WordPress has changed it to UTC as default.” at the top.

    If you do not know what to set for Frence, please refer to “”.

    However, this setting might affect whole your site, especially activity stream may show a wrong time or “sometime ago” instead of xxx seconds (minutes) ago.

    In that case, try my package, though it is based on the previous version of 2.7.5.
    In, you should first set your local timezone, just like 2.7.6 but not in the same file. The setting is moved to the file “bp-activity-subscription.php”.

    In “bp-activity-subscription.php”, you will find “$localzone = ‘Asia/Tokyo’;” at the top, and change “Asia/Tokyo” accorting to your location.

    Though I have not yet closely verified 2.7.6, and I am not sure it is just only in my environments, Weekly Digest of might not work. This is also under my review.



    Has the bug been existing since the first version of the plugin? Or it comes out in 2.7.6?

    If it has been there since the first version, I have not seen the bug perhaps because Japanese sentenses do not use spaces between words, or the bug reveals itself depending on the charactor code?

    This will be also reviewed by me when the new buddypress site is ready.



    the accent bug has always existed. it is about the character code.

    Hi @Dwenaus @chestnut_jp @boonebgorges,

    Is any chance to get this fixed in future release ? How have done the spanish, or italians, with their accent ?




    it’s a matter of priorities. If you’d like to make a donation, then it would be come a priority :) Otherwise I’ll wait until someone else figures it out, or have time to do it myself for free. my email is



    @Dwenaus “It’s a matter of priorities. If you’d like to make a donation, then it would become a priority.” Love it! … and it’s quotable for many things.

    On another note, very soon I would be interested in talking to you (and possibly funding) about making an e-mailable newsletter (out to additional addresses beyond those subscribed) with updates spin-off from your plugin. I will have to wait until revenue from my current projects come in after the new year though.

    Hi @Dwenaus @chestnut_jp,

    I have fixed this but I don’t understand why….
    To fix this, you have to translate “%s has update on the group %s:” directly on the core (line 1962 of bp-groups.php).

    If someone understand…

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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