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Enhancements to Buddypress integrated with Gantry Framework and custom voting/crowdsourcing plug-in

  • Tux Kapono


    We have a website that tightly integrates BuddyPress with the Gantry Framework/Tachyon Theme by RocketThemes and a custom plug-in for voting/crowdsourcing ideas. See

    We would like estimates/rates on the following groups of tasks. We’re looking for a long-term relationship, as this would be an ongoing contract for ongoing tasks required indefinitely.

    Fix Membership Reporting system
    • /wp-admin/user-edit.php should have all the BuddyPress Profile fields listed here, so we can review user profile fields on the back end when moderating new members’ private registration answers.
    • First name and last name fields in /wp-admin/user-edit.php are not integrated with the First name and last name in the BuddyPress profile fields.
    • Minor: When moderating new users, the link to review a person’s profile should go to /wp-admin/user-edit.php rather than viewing their public data on the front end)
    • Whatever fields are showing up as populated in the BuddyPress member profiles are not showing up in the user report export csv, such as first name, last name. Profile field data are getting cut off after so many characters, but only when exported via csv.
    • Have user report export csv list member profile fields in the same order as the BuddyPress profiles

    Calendar w/ RSVP
    • Events plugin that allows public RSVP like Facebook, Ning, Eventbrite, Evite.

    Image/Video Gallery
    • Get the “gallery” pages working like the galleries at using WP’s built-in “gallery” shortcode. Feature popup windows with the captions and “Next” links working on the WP gallery pages. Admins can create pages with image albums to which users can contribute. “Galleries” page, with shortcode that includes everything marked as a “Gallery” page (using a Custom Field in your edit Page/Post forms) in a page of “Galleries”, shows you a thumbnails to link into each Gallery.
    • Include hosted video in albums (YouTube, Vimeo, etc)

    Bug Fixing
    • Subset feature (i.e. custom survey page within the survey site) does not work on replicated sites.
    • ‘Bug’: Hyperlink to names in /activity results in 404 error page
    • ‘Bug’: Users aren’t able to add additional image
    • ‘Bug’: Image modal doesn’t work on idea pages other than in Firefox
    • Idea page description text needs reformatting (larger text, wider margin)
    • ‘Bug’: Total # of entries on subset browse page incorrect

    Membership Requested
    • Automatic Liking of new ideas submitted (so sure doesn’t have to ‘Like’ their own idea after submitting)
    • Change the four row titles (i.e. ‘Recently Popular’) on home page to be different color/size from idea titles, and should state (‘See All’)

    Contact: Neil at contact @ cspmgroup dot com

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